Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had fun tonight crusing the town with the family. First stop grandma and pawpaw j's to check out their candy stash and pawpaw showed Aaron his new creation of a green house and his three workshops full of every tool you can imagine. It was amazing! It was so funny seeing the look on peoples faces when they saw my costume designed by my amazing husband! He did two this Halloween. A pumpkin face and an 8 ball. Loved it!
On to the Aunt and Uncles where the guys got a little dressed up. I guess that will do...the three nerds. Then on to the brothers girlfriends house where we ate more candy and I had an emergency bathroom break. Five min. later we were off to grandma c's house where I got to show off some of Logan's stuff to the family. Finally, we were off to a hotel to scare the brother at work. Yeah he wasn't scared. Then home for dinner. After all of the candy all I could eat was some lettuce. Good times!

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