Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I got to talk to Jess last night on the deck while the sun was going down. It was so good to hear Caden's little cries in the background. Hopefully we will get to see each other in Houston in January with our baby boys.
I was sitting here thinking how every day is a miracle. I love every moment of feeling my baby grow. Knowing he is alive and well is just one more blessing God has given our family.
Aaron had a night flight yesterday and one tonight. I am so proud of that man. He should be getting winged in 10 weeks. Another proud day in the Pickens household. He is enjoying flying but surfing will always be #1. Hopefully he will get to enjoy a surf vacation sometime soon after he gets his wings. Unless a hurricane comes and he gets to vacation right here in Corpus.
So 1 more day of work turned into one more month. I have now become a part time Long Term Leasing Assistant at the Rental Management Company until September 15th. Yeah I guess I have a hard time saying no when I feel needed.

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