Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Logan-23 weeks and 5 days ...1 lb 5 oz.
We got to see our little baby boy today. It was so amazing. He was yawning and eating while we watched on the sonogram. I can't wait to see him! It makes me much more anxious for December to get here but I am going to enjoy every moment until it gets here.

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Barry Pickens said...


Little Logan will be here before y'all know it, and you &
Aaron will be holding a gift from heaven. God has chosen you to raise Logan to love Jesus with all his heart, and that is awesome to say the least! You make a beautiful mother-to-be, and Aaron is a good father-to-be. We're so thankful to be seeing Clark's first cuz, coming in December 2010. Aaron gets his wings in October, and Korina gets her angelic baby with wings & halo, this coming December! You need to post the sound of Logan's heartbeat on your blog.

Barry (your other dad in Alabama)