Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our 2 year Anniversary today...

Wow how the years have flown by...Today was our 2 year wedding anniversary and it was so great! We went on a hike with Drake through the woods and to a beach. We were all by ourselves, just the three of us and it was so perfect. We layed out for a few hours and played in the sand. It could not have been a more beautiful day. The weather was in the 80's and the water was so warm. Tonight we had dinner at this little seafood restaurant by our house. I had such a great day and I know Aaron did too. Today was the only day I had off all week and it was so worth it!
Yes, I am on week 2 of my new job and I am remembering the good ole days (2 weeks ago) where I was a happy stay at home wife. HeHe...Well, I still am but making a little money on the side. Hey, they don't say retail is hard work for nothing. At least I get to be surrounded by cute clothes all day.
The Pickens, Renegers, and Schumachers are coming down to see us in a few days and I am so excited. WOW! That was a mouth full! The fam. will be here on Saturday and we can't wait! Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jessica Simmons said...

Wow, Aaron. You must be working REAL hard by the looks of that tan.

CONGRATS on 2 years, guys! Enjoy time with the family in town!

Barry Pickens said...

Aaron & Korina,
It sounds like your anniversary day was just PERFECT, hanging out on your day off, while us tax payers foot the bill. I love the Obomination, and we're all gonna celebrate some more with yall, starting Saturday evening, once we arrive. I look forward to going to yall's church, too! I hear marcuspointebaptist.org is a great church. See you when we get there...Barry, Connie, and Sara