Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been a few days since the family went back to Alabama. We had so much fun while they were here and had a house full! 10 people and 3 dogs stayed in our house. It was quite an adventure but we loved every moment. Drake too! He really misses having some friends (cousins) to play with. He has been quite mopey the past few days. I guess it gives Aaron more reason to talk me into getting another dog. HeHe.
I am working like crazy at my new job and doing some accounting work for my dad on the side. It is good though because it keeps me busy and i get a few loads of laundry done for me and a few dishes too. Thanks Aaron.
Aaron is still waiting to class up for his next phase of flight school API and is enjoying working at the National Aviation Museum while he waits. The Navy gave him a stash job about 2 days a week where he is a "flight instructor" on the simulators and teaches students from local schools a little about aviation. He is really enjoying it and (I really like the flight suit!)
Drake is enjoying his new dog house we purchased and loves to chase the bugs since it is warmer outside. He really like to chase them inside the house when the door is open. Mom (me) doesn't like that to much. He is addicted to snacking on puperonies and still sleeps more than 8 hours a day.
Well, that is an update for now. Hope all is well!

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