Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been a few days since the family went back to Alabama. We had so much fun while they were here and had a house full! 10 people and 3 dogs stayed in our house. It was quite an adventure but we loved every moment. Drake too! He really misses having some friends (cousins) to play with. He has been quite mopey the past few days. I guess it gives Aaron more reason to talk me into getting another dog. HeHe.
I am working like crazy at my new job and doing some accounting work for my dad on the side. It is good though because it keeps me busy and i get a few loads of laundry done for me and a few dishes too. Thanks Aaron.
Aaron is still waiting to class up for his next phase of flight school API and is enjoying working at the National Aviation Museum while he waits. The Navy gave him a stash job about 2 days a week where he is a "flight instructor" on the simulators and teaches students from local schools a little about aviation. He is really enjoying it and (I really like the flight suit!)
Drake is enjoying his new dog house we purchased and loves to chase the bugs since it is warmer outside. He really like to chase them inside the house when the door is open. Mom (me) doesn't like that to much. He is addicted to snacking on puperonies and still sleeps more than 8 hours a day.
Well, that is an update for now. Hope all is well!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our 2 year Anniversary today...

Wow how the years have flown by...Today was our 2 year wedding anniversary and it was so great! We went on a hike with Drake through the woods and to a beach. We were all by ourselves, just the three of us and it was so perfect. We layed out for a few hours and played in the sand. It could not have been a more beautiful day. The weather was in the 80's and the water was so warm. Tonight we had dinner at this little seafood restaurant by our house. I had such a great day and I know Aaron did too. Today was the only day I had off all week and it was so worth it!
Yes, I am on week 2 of my new job and I am remembering the good ole days (2 weeks ago) where I was a happy stay at home wife. HeHe...Well, I still am but making a little money on the side. Hey, they don't say retail is hard work for nothing. At least I get to be surrounded by cute clothes all day.
The Pickens, Renegers, and Schumachers are coming down to see us in a few days and I am so excited. WOW! That was a mouth full! The fam. will be here on Saturday and we can't wait! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just wanted to share my very first freshly homemade blueberry pie that is getting ready to go in the oven. My health nut of a husband doesn't get many deserts so I figured since he has been feeling under the weather, it was time for some down home baking. I will let you know how it turns out.


Okay, so it has been a few weeks since my last post. I have been handing out resumes and applying like crazy, since January, for a job in Pensacola. I found out the Lord answers prayers when you are very very patient and are willing to not strive! I got a call yesterday for an Assistant Manager position at a clothing store in the mall. I start on Monday. I am sure it will be very weird waking up on Monday morning and going to work.
I am getting excited about the families visit to our house in a few weeks. They are event bringing the dogs so Drake can have some friends. I know he is excited and in desperate need of some animal love. Aaron is in a training class this week and is still waiting to class up for the next phase in flight school. Hopefully by May he will be in class. We are really wanting some warm weather. It seems like it goes form Hot to Cold in .2 seconds. Yesterday we were laying out in our lawn chairs in the backyard (military life is great) and today it is practically snowing outside. Summer days need to get here quick!

Here is the link to my new job in case you want to check it out.

Bye for now, XOXO

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just a few pictures from Aaron's solo. He should be done by Sunday with IFS and then he will have some free time. YAY! Drake and I are going to the dog park today to celebrate his pre birthday. Tomorrow he will be 1 year old! So he will get to sleep on the couch, eat wet food, lots of treats, go to the dog beach, and get spoiled rotten. Well, he is already!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dad's Blog


Aaron had his solo today! I am so proud of him and relieved that he was great! It was at 7 am this morning and he called me around 9:30 to let me know how it went. He was really excited about being able to fly by himself. I can only imagine how it felt to be up there by yourself flying high. So I guess this makes two or so more weeks left of IFS and then API for 6 weeks. And me, I just had two job interviews yesterday so I won't know until next week how they turn out. I hate the anticipation and the not knowing. I will let everyone know as soon as I find out.
It's finally warm today, in the 70's. Florida has been really cold lately event down south to Miami. But the skies are beautiful and I went running in shorts. It was great! Drake is baking in the sun outside in his backyard right now. He loves it! Just so you know I started a blog for my dad yesterday for his trip to Germany and I am going to post his link so you can follow it. Followers are the best! Any way, I am going to get the house cleaned up before the hunnie gets home. Have a great afternoon! Love, Korina

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just one of our many fun days.

I said I would post a few pictures. We went to Blue Angel Park and played Disk Golf last weekend and it was so much fun! Aaron won of course only by 2 points and I had somewhat of an advantage. They called me a Little Flyer and I got to throw closer to the baskets. HeHe...Any way, it was fun.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's been a while.

Well, it has been a while so I thought I would update everyone on what we have been up to. Aaron just finished his 8th flight and is as amazing as ever! Drake is getting bigger and is enjoying our daily hikes in the woods. He has been really lazy lately and I like him like that! We have been going to a really great church down the road and enjoy the great friends we are meeting along the way. I don't know how much longer I could have waited with out some more estrogen in the room. HeHe. We have been exploring Pensacola and the great state parks really close to our house. I will post a few pictures tomorrow.
Tonight we ate dinner on the water at this little seafood place called Sunset Grill. Aaron is out with his friend Mark at the movies and I am getting ready to watch my 100th episode of Desperate Housewives. If only I could look that great when I am 40ish and still a housewife!