Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Thanksgiving Day!

Well, the boys are outside frying the turkey. Smells delightfull!! Connie and I were in the kitchen cooking this morning and I can't wait to eat it in about 35 min! Guess I will have to work out all week to work this food off. (OR NOT...shh don't tell Aaron) Connie and Barry got to Florida last night about 6:00 p.m. We went to Triggers and had seafood for dinner. We are so happy to have family in our home for the first time.
I decorated the Christmas tree today. I love it!!! This is my favorite time of year. Just in case you didn't already know that. I have been dying to put up our Christmas stuff and Aaron has been some what of a Scrooge since we are going to Alabama for Christmas and we won't be here, but we put it up today. (he secretly loves it)
I talked to my family today and they are in San Antonio, Texas visiting my brother Daniel who is in the Army. Wish they were all here too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Stop..Pensacola, Florida

We made it! Well, Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI is finally over and our military life begins. After a very long 12 hour drive we made it to Pensacola, Florida our new home for at least 6 months. We left early Sunday night to meet Jess and Brian in Houston before they left to Okinawa Japan for a few years. I am sad about being apart but I know they will have so much fun! Drake did really good on the way up here since he rode in a kennel the entire trip. Speaking of kennels.....I made a reservation for Drake to stay in one when we arrived in Florida Monday night. I guess there is much to say about a name. The name of the place was called BELLA POOCH. Very fitting since when we drove up there were pooches perched in the front window, and each dog had there own fenced in room. (I guess it would have been okay if Drakes name was Fluffy) It was really funny to see the look on Aaron's face when we pulled up to the door, especially after a long car ride. Needless to say we picked Drake up first thing the next morning and took him to a kennel out in the country.

We found a house and have been here about a week. We love it. There is so much room in this 3 bedroom 2 bath house. We have an empty room for guests...wink-wink. (or a baby) It is beautiful here in Florida and the beaches are indescribable! Aaron has already ventured out and surfed a few times. We also found a great mountain biking trail the other day that I ate a few trees on. Aaron only has to check in everyday until he classes up to start flying in a few weeks, so we are loving this mini vacation. This weekend we are going to see the Blue Angels fly and watch the fireworks display. (and check out Aaron's future office.) Well, we are really enjoying our first week here in Florida!

Our New Address:
5065 Terra Lake Circle
Pensacola, Florida 32507